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  This is an introduction to by Democracy Delivered LLC. You can save money using discount gift cards and a virtual online mall where you shop at a discount if you become a premium participant.  We have 3 weekly webinars: Monday 8pm, Tuesday 7:30pm, and Friday at Noon.  Go to to join in or call (206) 462-5569 and use meeting id 6204645227.  This is a video about the company by its founder Mike Stewart, pictured here in this video to the left.  He graduated in 1994 from the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT.  The USCGA is one of 5 US Federal Service Academies.  A link to this video is here:  Sign up for a free account at to check it out.  To look at the PowerPoint presentation of this company, click this link  A good time to wash your dishes, clean your kitchen, and cook dinner is to listen to our presentation which lasts about an hour.  Our Virtual Mall is at link!/stores-public/jid9jg.  Would you like your own personal mall you can share to get cash back? Register at Democracy Delivered.  Become a Premium Member and share in the profits of the company.  Democracy Delivered LLC is founded by a US Coast Guard Academy alumni and a few of the managers are also CGA alum.  There are 8 revenue streams.  Show tangeable daily growth to show we are stronger today than we were yesterday.