I found a Volkswagen that was not assembled. It was under some rocks in a driveway. So I was hanging out with and telling william about it. He told me I should find someone to help me assemble it. Then he was telling me the people in his family are regular people born into their circumstance. That made sense. And by william I mean prince william, son of princess diana and prince Charles of the United Kingdom. Then I was hanging out with Charles. We were at some equestrian center. It was in a manicured park with buildings. Then I was at a banquet. It was at the Royal society. There was a fancy stone building and banquet hall with a series of large tables and lots of food. One of the guys I play tennis with Tim O’Shea was sitting down. There were a few other people I know but don’t remember their names. They said they were standing in for me during my absence. Then I woke up. I wondered if there was a Royal society. I looked it up on Google. It does exist and was started in 1660 by Charles II in London and is the oldest scientific society in the world. https://royalsociety.org/

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