SPQR is the name of a book I am writing. Someone on clubhouse suggested that I write a book or novel about my ideas of the future of Rome and why I am so interested in Rome. For anyone who doesn’t know what clubhouse is, it’s a new voice media app that’s currently only available as an Apple download. I formed the SPQR club on clubhouse. I currently have 275 members and 9 followers. There are 7 in admin of which 3 are me. SPQR SENATVS POPVLVSQVE ROMANVS. In Latin, SPQR means the Senate and the People of Rome. So now I get into the Aedes Vestae. This is the central fire temple of Rome. In English it’s the vestal temple. It’s fire was extinguished in 394 ad on orders of theodosius. This led to the collapse of the Roman Empire. So if we back it up to 753bc this is the beginning. Romulus had the Sabine rapto and got the girls. They built the vestal temple a little bit after that. Put the Virgin girls keeping the fire burning. And this kept up for 1100 years. And it made the empire grow. The vestals lived at the atrium Vestae. This needs to be relit. So. I live in Raynham, MA, USA. It was created in 1731 from the northeast precinct of Taunton. It’s named after Raynham, Norfolk, England. There is Raynham Hall in East Anglia that Viscount Townshend has his seat. He’s of the House of Lords. Thinking of clearing out some of these animals. Cleaning up my house. Decreasing my bills. Simplifying things. So I’m looking at mediobogdum a Roman fort in Britain. It’s from the 100s ad. There’s stone remains. What’s the money? I did see denario used in London in a little before then. This symbol is x. If it were incorporated into the British money system then its gbx. So I sit here in my driveway. Isn’t really my driveway. Can’t even get along with the neighbors. We are all in exile here. Back in the day, the crown was .925 sterling silver one ounce coin. Back before that, 6 sewant is a stiver. And the rix dollar is 25.4 grams silver of 50 Stivers. So one stiver is 0.508 grams silver. Now if I

chapter zero. Back it up

now if I back it up some, I had to choose where I go to college. Dad wanted me to go to tabor academy for high school. It’s too far. Marion. So I went to br. I took a ride there and walked around the baseball field. I never did that before. Beyond the baseball field is a pond with reeds. I thought a nice country pond. Then I thought aaru. Sounds like a dog howling. So Hickey messaged me. He’s going for 2 stars. Couldn’t I have picked something better? It’s not been fun overall. It still isn’t fun. That was my sophomore year spring tennis. I didn’t think so much by years back then. Paul went to umass amherst. The choice was for when I was 18. Im 47 now. This needs to be pulled internal.

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