So on my ride home from Newport I was listening to a group on clubhouse. It was about the pentagon ufo disclosure. The concensus seemed to be DNA. And I thought, is DN a country? So when I got home I looked it up. Nope, DN is available. https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:code:3166:DN. Therefore DNA is available as the currency. Then I thought about A pup being 9 carob copper. So DNA can be 9 carob copper. How much is this? Well there are 500/2640 grams per carob. That makes 0.003757879469060414 pounds times $4.3376 is $0.016300177984996. There are 61.34902336161317 DNA per USD for accounting purposes right now. So say if I have something for $10 then that’s A613.49.

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